Professional Promotion

What goes into writing the perfect résumé? An effective format, detailed verbs, and most importantly: meaningful, customized content.

A list of past experience is not enough to impress a hiring manager. First, you need to hit the job description’s key words to get past any computerized filter. Then you must promote yourself and the value you’ll bring to your future company.

Professional Résumé for Sales Position

This specific résumé was tailored for a sales position with a multi-level company. It doesn’t simply state the job duties performed but instead emphasizes numbers and outcomes and the direct benefits.

Professional Résumé for Journalism Position

This specific résumé was tailored for a writing position with an online media company. Although the outline is the same, it was important to emphasize specific background and keywords used in the job description and highlight the experience with each.

Customization is key.

Professional Cover Letter for Journalism Position

A good cover letter does not simply repeat the résumé. This one takes a light yet professional tone, establishing familiarity with the company while also showcasing a bit of personality. It mentions additional background not found on the résumé, but only because its experience was relevant, then closes with a soft call to action.

It is imperative to review a job description and write a cover letter to fit what the employer seeks.

Customization is key.

Cover Letter for a Journalism Position