Winged Foot Running & Walking

Winged Foot Running & Walking purchased a 2-page spread in a Consumer Guide magazine and needed a marketing article to contribute. We focused on how to choose the correct shoe and get started with a walking or running routine, showcasing the owner’s expertise and reasons why his custom small business was superior to big-box stores.

John Davis, ACTION Coach

John’s business coaching involves interviews with local small businesses, which he then turns into feature articles to push out to current and potential clients and post on various social media channels.

I’ve written several features for John using his Zoom meetings and outlines, so that he has more time for interviews, thus increasing his contacts and business.

Episcopal Day School, Culinary Cabaret

Episcopal Day School is a small private school that conducts its annual fundraising auction each year.

I supplied all written materials for the event, such as flyers, social media posts, website content, & press releases.

Professional Résumé for Sales Position

This specific résumé was tailored for a sales position with a multi-level company. It doesn’t simply state the job duties performed but instead emphasizes numbers and outcomes and the direct benefits.

Professional Résumé for Journalism Position

This specific résumé was tailored for a writing position with an online media company. Although the outline is the same, it was important to emphasize specific background and keywords used in the job description and highlight the experience with each.

Customization is key.

Professional Cover Letter for Journalism Position

A good cover letter does not simply repeat the résumé. This one takes a light yet professional tone, establishing familiarity with the company while also showcasing a bit of personality. It mentions additional background not found on the résumé, but only because its experience was relevant, then closes with a soft call to action.

It is imperative to review a job description and write a cover letter to fit what the employer seeks.

Customization is key.

Cover Letter for a Journalism Position