Rosebud Copy crafts copy that is persuasive, creative, & always accurate.

As a journalist, advertising specialist, and English teacher, my background blends together to create unique writing results.


  • Emily’s professional background in journalism, advertising and education – along with her natural gift for storytelling – makes her a strong writer. Her attention to detail is a trait that I valued when we worked together at Jacksonville State University’s student newspaper, and she certainly made my job easy as her supervisor there. Coupled with her experience as an English instructor, this attention to detail can help assure Emily’s clients that she will self-edit her copy to produce the cleanest product possible.

    Kara Coleman Fields, Editor – U.S. News & World Report

  • Emily Hayes was remarkable in her marketing role for fundraising for Episcopal Day School’s auction/fundraiser. She has impeccable communication skills and let the community know exactly what was happening, she explained well to her committee what she needed and gave timelines for when it needed to be accomplished. Episcopal Day School’s auction/fundraiser was a success due to Emily’s leadership, dedication, and marketing plan.

    Jessica Millican, Former Executive Director – Humane Society of Etowah County

  • Emily is by-far one of my favorite colleagues. She exudes raw talent, shows grace and professionalism under pressure and is a joy to work with. She is organized and makes managing projects look easy.

    Melissa Gaines, Photographer – Wordsouth – A Content Marketing Company